Friday, September 21, 2007

Internet MLM – All About Leveraging?

Online Business can be a lonely business. You usually do not have any colleagues to brainstorm or discuss ideas. And you do not have any support from your subordinates as you are the sole proprietor of your own business.

However, it is important to LEVERAGE on manpower when you are considering online business. Leveraging on team efforts help to relief your workload and thus, fasten up your speed in achieving your goals.

What could leverage do with travelling all the way from Singapore to Klang (part of Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia)?

By travelling for about 400km, are you there just to enjoy the GLORIOUS food such as ‘Bak Kut Teh’...

OR enjoy the beautiful scenery at Cheras (outskirt of Kuala Lumpur)...

OR ‘lala’...

Leveraging on people when you are in an unfamiliar place not only help you ease in your direction, but also you are being recommended and introduced to fantastic food too.

So what does leverage got to do with your online business or career or your life?

For instance, in order to lift a heavy object, we do have a choice whether to use leverage or not. Well, a person can try to lift the object directly with the risk of injury, or use a lever such as a long plank of wood or jack. This will helps to transfer some of the weight and thus be able to lift the object with lesser effort.

In Internet MLM too, leveraging on people’s effort with the same force exerted, will produce a bigger result.

Which method is better? By not applying leverage, will you succeed? Perhaps... However, by using leverage, you are able to lift so much more and effortless.

So, the concept of Leverage is important in our business and career success. Without leverage, you may have to work very hard and rewards are limited by the hours you put forward. And with leverage, you are able to break this correlation and eventually, accomplish so much more.


Matt said...

Thanks for the great blog..

Matt said...

Thanks for the great blog..