Monday, July 30, 2007

The Courage To Change

Were you ever being offer a rare opportunity whereby you were unsure and had lots of uncertainties? And moreover, it was a tempting opportunities? Why majority of people reject to unusual ideas of thoughts?

Comfort zone? Mindset??

People react to the norm which is what others are doing for now, they would prefer to stay in their position because there are no uncertainties, where life will just pass by like any other people. And they are just comfortable in where they are? People are not receptive towards change, especially when a fresh new idea is being presented in front of them. It may sound wonderful to them, but they do not have the COURAGE TO CHANGE.

My daughter, Rae, 4yrs 7mths, picked up the word “The Courage To Change” and put it in her drawing. She may not understand those words, but in time, she will get it.

To Rae, it was a very simple representative drawing of herself in two positions.

But to me, I could perceive the great meaning with the wordings “The Courage To Change” incorporated. I could see that the girl who was standing under the tree, who was so used to her comfort zone, took courage to make her move out of the tree. The perspective is that, if that girl is to stay protected under the tree, there is a limitation to her view, however, when she moved her position, she could see the world in a wider angle. Yes, that’s the paradigm shift.

Well, this is how I analyse the drawing; I believe you may have a different view from mine. But it is always GREAT when you step out that comfort zone to have a wider angle of view – The Courage To Change.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

How Does Personal Development Help In Internet Network Marketing

Is Personal Development important? How does Personal Development help in Internet Network Marketing?

Personal development helps you to relief blocks, pessimism, and transform situation right away. Personal development is to become a leader and coach to yourself and ultimately able to contribute and help others to use their talents, enthusiasm, wisdom and expertise to make a long-lasting and affirmative influence.

Personal development also involves your mind-set; you are always looking for new approach and thoughts for enhancement. Self improvement is a life long learning process. With more knowledge accumulated along the way, you are more likely to be wiser with making decisions and options throughout your life progress. With these self acquiring improvements, you will then improve physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

If you want to achieve success in your Internet Network Marketing, take charge of your personal development, only a person with the enthusiasm to empower themselves will then be able to lead to your success path.

Here are the 7 values that will help accelerate your personal development thus helps in your success of Internet Network Marketing.

Value 1
People has been reading very little, in order to become an expert in your field, you need to acquire knowledge through reading. Read at least one hour in your selected field or in the area of personal development, or both. The best place to get books will be your local library, if not, look for personal development membership site that allows you to access to lots of personal development ‘gurus’.

Value 2
If you spend most of your time traveling on the road, you can utilize the time by listening to any inspiring, motivational CDs, or MP3 in your car.

Value 3
You have to know what your standard is and ally your life around those standards. It will be a painful progress if you are not able to pursue your goals in line with your standards. This will ultimately lead to frustration when you are not able to reach your goals. By moving in line with your standards will then lead you to your achievement.

Value 4
Attend workshops, seminars and courses frequently. Attending such events give you precious opportunity to make exchanges and do networking. You will also tend to get tips or helpful information that may help in your Internet Network Marketing.

Value 5
Give yourself a quiet time to think through what would be your ideal life. If time, money and circumstance were not a concern, what would you be, do and have in your life?

Value 6
Determine your goal. Break down into annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals. “You fail to plan, you plan to fail.” How would you take the step to achieve your goals? Execute your daily goals and evaluate at the end of the day. Evaluate what you have achieved to a step nearer to your success.

Value 7
Get Going! With the desire, will lead you to action, and action with FOCUS, will lead you to your HABIT, and with the right habit, then you will be slowly receiving your success, where “Success leaves traces”.

The valuable part of this entire practice is to seriously examine yourself and see where you could improve, and then work on it. Your Internet Network Marketing business will then thrive as you consistently “coach” and “lead” yourself.

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