Friday, May 25, 2007

Take Your Business Online To Reach Unlimited Pool Of Prospects Part 1

The benefits to building your business online are broad -you can simply work in shorts and a T-shirt, you only talk to people who are greatly enthusiastic, your business is working for you 24/7, your maintenance costs are low, and it’s easy to expand internationally. Most importantly, even if you are a computer idiot, like me, you can do it too, success does not equate computer genius.

Your first move is to create an online presence. You have to think of a domain name before you begin building a site. It is always an excellent idea to secure your personal identity site as Another approach is to choose a domain that relates to the name of your Internert Network Marketing group/team, such as, or Otherwise, you might want a domain that are captivating, such as or Brainstorm and list down all your ideas, then check your choices on a registry site until you find one that's available.

Once you have decided on a domain, you'll need to buy hosting services and then begin to build your site. If you have no idea how to design a site, you can either engage a designer or use a site builder that provides pre-made templates through your host. Whichever way you choose, your site should include the following:

  • Your company information, product detail and opportunity
  • A system for getting your product or registering to operate a business
  • Testimonials and information on your support team and training
  • The advantages of joining your team
  • The offer of a free e-book, document or newsletter if users give you their name and a valid e-mail
  • An autoresponder that sends follow-up e-mails to your prospects who provides their contact information. Make sure it can also send out newsletters.

Get your preferred domain registered even if you have yet to start your business.

Look out for Part 2, where I will talk on the crucial part of Business Online…

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